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Grade 4 to 6

In the Intermediate Phase, Grade 4 to 6 learners use what they have learned in the Foundation Phase to build their knowledge and learn new concepts. Our lesson material helps them develop a sense of independent learning as they develop a broad range of skills and abilities.

Grade 4 - 6

Impaq’s CAPS-aligned lesson material introduces learners to new concepts and helps them build on what they have already learned.

The Intermediate Phase includes six compulsory subjects:
  • At least one home language (English or Afrikaans)
  • A second language subject at Home Language or First
  • Additional Language level (English, Afrikaans, or isiZulu*).
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Skills

*isiZulu is currently ONLY available as a First Additional Language in Grades 1 – 4

We also offer Bible Education and Lego Robotics and Coding as non-examinable additional subjects in specific grades.

Assessments in Grades 4 - 6

The facilitator’s guides will guide you, as the home education parent, on how to go about writing tests and examinations. Grade 4 – 6 learners can complete tasks and tests as per the facilitator’s guides. You will receive all the formal assessment components required to evaluate your child, including:  

  • The assignments/tasks and memorandums will be available as hard copies in the facilitator’s guides.
  • The tests and memorandums must be electronically downloaded from Impaq’s portal and will be available from the beginning of the 2021 academic year.
  • The June and November examinations and memorandums must be electronically downloaded from Impaq’s portal during specific examination periods. These examinations can be self-assessed and the marks captured on my.Impaq.
  • Access to our online portal, my.impaq, where you can capture marks, generate reports, and monitor your child’s progress.
  If you do not want to mark the assessments yourself, you have two other options, namely:  
    • Asking a qualified teacher or tutor to assist. Impaq supports a large network of independent tutors that make use of Impaq’s products and services. They can support you with administrative and educational tasks. See a list of tutors here
    • Sending the formal worksheets to Impaq. We will mark the assessments for you. Do note that you will still have to do the oral tasks with your child as Impaq does not mark oral tasks in the Foundation Phase.
    Learners in Grades 4 – 6 must complete the formal assessments before they can move on to the next grade.


All prices indicated below are per child per year.

Option 1


3 756

Option 2


Electronic lesson material

Electronic facilitator’s guides

5 676

Option 3


Printed lesson material

Electronic facilitator’s guides

7 218

Option 4


Printed lesson material

Printed facilitator’s guides

8 388

*Please note: The prices listed above exclude delivery fees.

Please Note:

  • Prices indicated above are cost estimates.
  • The amounts listed on our online quote already include the discount.
  • The discount does not apply to supplementary products and delivery fees.
  • The deposit includes 25% or 40% of the lesson material cost (depending on whether you select monthly instalments or a monthly debit order), and the total cost for supplementary products and delivery fees.

Additional subjects

  • Bible Education costs R315 per year and is available for learners in Grades R – 9.
  • Lego Robotics and Coding costs R4 250 per set. Learners can use the set in Grades 1 – 5.

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What do we offer

Lesson material (printed and/or e-books)

Your child will receive everything they need to complete each subject, including study guides and selected workbooks, prescribed work, and DVDs/ CDs/electronic downloads with useful videos and content.

Facilitator’s guides (printed and/ or e-books)

You will receive all the materials required to facilitate your child’s learning, including comprehensive facilitator’s guides that contain a subject plan and a suggested timetable, as well as lesson guidance and explanations.

Support services

We will guide you every step of the way with access to our dedicated education specialists who will provide you with academic support, telephonically or via email. We also host free online classes to assist all Grade 4 – 6 learners.

Assessment elements and services

You will receive all the formal assessment components you need to evaluate your child and monitor his/her progress.

Supplementary subject support

If your child decides to take isiZulu* as a First Additional Language in Grade 4, you will receive English instructions and a DVD to guide you on the correct pronunciation of words.

What do I need to register?

Grades 4 – 6

  • Birth certificate/identity documents for the learner, parent, and account holder.
  • A computer or laptop with internet access and a reliable email address.
  • Upon registering, the parent confirms their child’s readiness and compliance with the requirements of the previous grade*.

Examination requirements

Grades 4 – 6

Parents will receive all the formal assessment components and memorandums required to assess their child at home. If parents do not want to mark the assessments themselves, they can:
  • Ask a qualified teacher/tutor to assist.
  • Send the assessments to Impaq and Impaq will mark the assessments for the parent. Parents, however, still need to assess their child’s oral tasks as Impaq does not mark oral tasks in Grades 1 to 9.

Requirements of homeschooling and how Impaq will assist you through the process.

Policy requirement

Parents should register their children for home education with their Provincial Education Department (PED).

Parents need to compile a portfolio of evidence (containing the activities and assessments) for every child.

Parents must provide the PED with feedback on the learner’s progress. Progress must be assessed by qualified teachers registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE).

Parents can follow any curriculum that meets the minimum outcomes as set out in the national curriculum.

Parents are responsible for the education of their children. Tutorial or other educational support may be enlisted as needed.

Learners in the FET Phase (Grades 10 to 12) must be registered with an assessment body.

What Impaq offers

Impaq assists with information on the necessary steps to follow to register with the PED.

Our offering includes portfolio activities that assist parents in building a portfolio of evidence for every child.

Impaq provides parents with progress reports, which could be provided to the PED at the end of every phase. We make use of qualified teachers as per the policy requirements to develop all our assessments. For quality purposes, assessments can also be sent to Impaq for marking.

Registration with Impaq ensures that learners follow the national CAPS-aligned curriculum.

Impaq equips parents with all the materials needed to be the primary educator. Supporting tutorial service are subject to the restrictions contained in the policy.

Assessment bodies do not register independent candidates. FET learners, therefore, must register with a curriculum provider, who is registered with an assessment body. Impaq is registered with SACAI, which ensures the credibility of the NSC.