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How to register your child for 2020

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Elmien Ackerman

The start of a new home education year is always exciting but also a bit nerve-racking. If you’re registering your child with Impaq, there’s no need to stress. We’ve made registering online quick and easy. Read our guide below to know what information you’ll need to register your child for 2020.

Step 1 – Select your child’s grade for 2020

Step 2 – Choose between the Full Package or Individual Subjects

Impaq offers a choice between two packages, a Full Grade Package or an Individual Subject Selection.

Full Grade Package

The Full Grade Package contains all the CAPS-aligned lesson material you and your child will need to complete the grade. You’ll also receive a discounted price if you select the Full Grade Package instead of selecting all the subjects individually.

Individual Subject Selection

Individual CAPS-aligned lesson material per subject. Impaq’s Individual Subject Selection allows you to tailor your learning journey according to your needs. If you want to follow a specific academic path, Impaq would advise that you select the Full Grade Package. This will ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to receive a National Senior Certificate at the end of Grade 12.

Step 3 – Select the language of your lesson material

Impaq offers lesson material in both English and Afrikaans. Learners can choose between these two languages as a Home Language or a First Additional Language. From 2020, Impaq also offers isiZulu as a First Additional Language.

Step 4 – Select your subjects

Here you can choose the elective subjects you want to register for. Impaq offers more than 20 subjects including electives such as

  • Dramatic Arts,
  • Visual Arts,
  • Agricultural Management Practices,
  • Agricultural Sciences,
  • Information Technology,
  • Engineering Graphics and Design, and many more.

From 2020, we also offer Lego Robotics and Coding for learners in Grade 1 to 5.

Step 5 – Select your material type

Depending on your child’s grade, you can choose between hard copy lesson material and facilitator guides or e-books. The hard copy guides are printed books that will be delivered to the delivery address you provide during registration. This option is a bit more expensive.

The e-book option consists of online books that you can download from Impaq’s online portal, my.Impaq. This option is less expensive but keep in mind that if you want hard copy materials you would need to print the books yourself at an additional cost. All our products include downloadable assessments and support services. The material type choices are outlined per grade below.

Grade R – 3

Grade 4 – 9

Grade 10 – 12

Step 6 – Select the delivery method

You can collect your hard copy lesson material from Impaq’s warehouse at the following address between 08:00 and 16:00 on weekdays:

Route 21 Business Park

13 Sovereign Drive




Impaq will let you know once your package is ready for collection.

Step 7 – Preview your order

Double-check the order to ensure that all the details are correct.

Step 8 – Choose a payment option

You have three payment options. Choose between a once-off payment, monthly instalments or a monthly debit order.

Once-off payment

You immediately pay the full payment as per the quote and receive a 10% discount on the package price. The payment must be made via EFT/bank deposit/credit card.

Monthly instalments

You pay monthly instalments via EFT/bank deposit/credit card. A deposit of 40% of the package price is required at registration (55% after 1 July 2020).

Monthly debit order

Impaq sets up an automatic debit order. A deposit of 25% of the package price is required at registration (40% after 1 July 2020). The deposit is not deducted automatically and must be paid via EFT/bank deposit/credit card.

Step 9 – Log in

You’ll be directed to Optimi’s login page to register on Impaq’s online portal, my.Impaq. Impaq falls under Optimi Home and is owned by the PSG Group. To learn more about Optimi, visit their website.

Step 10, 11 and 12 – Account Holder, Guardian & Learner Details

Here you will need to complete the details for the account holder, guardian and learner. If you’re unsure of what details to provide, read the short description of each person below.

Account Holder

The Account Holder is the person/entity who undertakes to make payment of all amounts due to Impaq. It is the responsibility of the Account Holder to ensure that the correct information is provided to finalise the registration.


The Legal Guardian is the parent or guardian of a Learner; or the person who has legal custody of a Learner. This person will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the South African Schools Act, ensuring a good standard of education, maintaining a portfolio, and monitoring the learner’s progress, etc.


The Learner is the child who is activated on Impaq’s system to receive products and/or services.

And, that’s it. Registering with Impaq is quick and easy. See what one of the tutors using Impaq’s products and services has to say…