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To be, or not to be a homeschooling family: Our experience

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Elmien Ackerman – Copywriter

The Janse van Rensburg Family relocated to Ghana in 2009 when their daughter Dené had just finished Grade 10. They found that home education was their only option and while things were a bit rocky at times, they quickly found their feet and reaped the benefits of home education (also known as homeschooling) and using a curriculum provider such as Impaq. Read their inspiring story below:

“Relocating to Ghana was a gargantuan move with all of the expected prospects and obstacles. While the opportunity was exhilarating and beneficial, where education was concerned, homeschooling was our only option.

Following the failures of another correspondence education programme, we found Impaq. Despite the difficulties with sluggish courier services and tedious waiting periods for supplies, including printer ink, Impaq supported us all the way. They were always accommodating and on time; they never had a problem to adjust to our battle with the unhurried schedule of our new home country. We thank them especially for their patience and assistance with Visual Arts, which required us to outsource tutors and markers, and fly artwork across countries in (at times) appalling packaging. 

Moreover, Impaq teaches essential things that very few traditional schools do: determination, steadfastness, and responsibility.

Our family has only gratitude for Impaq.”

Dené worked hard and obtained her National Senior Certificate through Impaq at the end of 2012. She got accepted to the University of Pretoria and started her BA Drama in 2013. Dené has passed her master’s degree in Drama and Film Studies from UP with distinction – with the feedback that she achieved the highest mark in the department’s history! She shares her advice to current and future Impaq learners, parents, guardians, and tutors:

“This is an important year for me.

I am graduating my Master of Arts degree in Film Studies, with distinction, this September – a degree that was no small feat to conquer. I am absolutely certain that, had I not had the opportunity to work with Impaq prior to my time at university, I would have lacked a plethora of self-study and critical skills that would have set me back on my path as a postgraduate student, film scholar, and now part-time lecturer at the University of Pretoria.

I am currently preparing for my PhD, for which I have already been accepted, as well as a paper to be delivered at the SAVAH conference later this year.

For those in doubt, find reassurance in my belief that Impaq provides not only primary and secondary education but a necessary stepping stone toward a fruitful tertiary education and/or career.

You are in safe and capable hands.

Thank you Impaq.”

Congratulations on your achievement, Dené! We’re glad that we could be part of your learning journey and wish you all the best on the journey ahead.