A day in the life of a homeschool mom: Eden Naicker

3 min read   •   August 15, 2022
Karen Kalenga

Being a mom is no easy task. Being a homeschooling mom comes with its own unique challenges. We’ll let Eden Naicker explain.

Eden, or Young Blessed Momma, is a homeschooling mom to Jade and Aaron. A typical day begins by getting her bundles of joy up and into the spirt of exercise, followed by a healthy breakfast and a shower before the work begins. To ensure a smooth start to each day, Eden and the kids have a look at their school calendar the night before.

“Being prepared makes it easier to get the work done and we’re able to go over every aspect ahead of time so we have a good start to the lesson,” says Eden.

Why did she choose to homeschool her kids?

“To be honest, homeschooling was barely on our radar prior to the pandemic. We never realised it was so popular in South Africa until the pandemic hit and we were forced to adapt to the new way of living. That was when, like many of our friends and family, we opted to homeschool,” she explains. “It was an easy decision for us because I have end-stage kidney failure and, considering the rate at which the virus was spreading in school, we decided it would be best to teach the kids at home.”

Eden has a busy schedule, an aspect which influenced her choice of curriculum provider. “With Impaq, everything is provided, from the study material to online classes and how-to videos. Other curriculums require you to source additional material and resources, but with Impaq I’m sorted no matter how busy I am. I know the kids have everything they need,” says the busy mom of three.

During exam time, Eden, Jade and Aaron complete extra lessons from workbooks and revise the necessary work. “I try to make learning fun, so I also incorporate games to help determine how much the girls remember,” says Eden. “When I feel a bit stuck or need some inspiration, it’s as easy as reaching out via email, utilising the OLP resource, or joining live webinars to ask questions and get assistance.”

Jade and Aaron love Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Life Skills. They also love the fact that they aren’t limited by school uniforms – and that their mom is their teacher, of course! Eden notes that homeschooling continues to show her different facets of her kids – their interests, strengths, and weaknesses – and that the quality time they spend together allows them to connect on different a level.

Her advice to moms considering homeschooling? “It may seem scary in the beginning, but with Impaq all my fears were put to rest. I have felt like part of the family since day one and have always had their unwavering support.”

To learn more about homeschooling and how you can register with South Africa’s leading CAPS-aligned homeschool curriculum provider, click here https://impaq.cdns.co.za/register-for-2022-homeschooling/ or send an email to sales@impaq.co.za.