Achieving my goals in Europe is easy with Impaq- Jordan van der Westhuizen

3 min read   •   May 26, 2022
Daniel Seleme

Jordan, who is the son of Amor Vittone and the late Springbok Legend Joost van der Westhuizen, has been playing soccer since the age of three and like his father wants to represent South Africa only this time in Soccer.

Jordan who has been with Impaq for four years has a tutor that comes to his home to assist him with his schoolwork. He is currently in Grade 11 and left South Africa in January to go and play on trial for Valencia Academy of Football in Europe.

“I do an hour of online schooling with my tutor from South Africa in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  On weekends we try to fit in a few hours more, that is if I don’t play a match.”

The 18-year-old who has a hearing disability hasn’t had an easy school career until he joined Impaq.

He started Grade 1 at Dainfern College but had to repeat the year because of his hearing disability.  After passing Grade one, he then went to Cedarwood College which is a remedial school but struggled to hear the teacher and got distracted by all the other noises in the classroom.

“I have a hearing disability and I have a cochlear implant in my right ear since I was ten-year-old.  I call the device my ‘puck’ because it looks like an ice-hockey puck.  I need to charge it every night when I go to bed and once, I remove it, I cannot hear at all.  I wake up every morning at the same time without an alarm clock.  I always say that God wakes me up”

Impaq has been able to offer Jordan the flexibility to attend trials and to play for one of the biggest teams in Europe. He soon will be leaving for Northern Ireland to play in the Super Cup for Valencia Academy, and this is where he hopes to make an impression for a longer stay.

Jordan aspires to play for Liverpool in England.

“A saying “You will never walk alone” is a saying that is very close to my heart, and it is also Liverpool’s anthem that is why I support Liverpool in the Premier League.  I believe whatever you do or wherever you go, you are never alone because God is with you”. Added Jordan.
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