Impaq Stars: Marleen du Toit

5 min read   •   August 5, 2021
Jacqui Smit – Copywriter

This Women’s Month, we chatted to Marleen du Toit as part of our Impaq Stars series. She was the top SACAI and Impaq student for 2020 and is currently living and working in the Netherlands. We wanted to learn more about her learning experience with Impaq and how Impaq has helped set her on the path to success. Du Toit also shares her advice for fellow Impaq learners.


What did you like most about homeschooling?

Homeschooling gave me the freedom to manage my own time and use study methods of my own choice, which I very much enjoyed.

What did it feel like to be named SACAI’s top student in 2020? How do you think Impaq contributed to that achievement?

It came as quite a surprise! Impaq facilitated my studies from Grade 10 to Grade 12 (the FET Phase) and, for that, I am very grateful! I would especially like to thank Ilse Stickling, the subject specialist for History at Impaq. She had endless patience when helping me to learn the art of writing a good History essay.

During your learning journey, did you meet other homeschoolers?

Yes, I met many other homeschoolers. While I was doing homeschooling through Impaq, I also attended a tutor centre, where I made many friends who were on similar learning journeys to me.

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What are your plans post high school?

I am working in the Netherlands (Holland) at the moment. Although I originally planned on staying here for only one year, I love it so much that I have now decided to stay in Europe for another year. Who knows what will happen after that – the world is my oyster!

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How has Impaq/homeschooling prepared you for life abroad in the Netherlands?

I believe homeschooling helped me to be more adaptable and independent, both of which are crucial traits if you are planning to live far away from home!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ideally, I want to be in a small house with 12 cats and a little vegetable garden.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Like any other teenager, I enjoy a good ‘kuier’ (a fun visit) with my friends! I also love being outdoors and hiking in the nature reserve close to my home, reading, watching movies and series on Netflix and, of course, a bit of retail therapy to lift my spirits!

Any tips for other homeschool learners who would like to follow the same path as you?


  • It is as important to know HOW to answer questions in tests and examinations as it is to know WHAT to answer. There is a difference between knowing the content and being able to explain it thoroughly in your answer, so take time to practise answering questions the way markers want you to.


  • Working through old papers is crucial for studying and examination preparation – help your fellow learners by keeping old papers for them to work through in the following years when they get to your grade.

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  • Study for the preliminary examinations as if they are your final exams! The extra studying and preparation will not go to waste and, by the time the final exams come, you will be more than ready.


  • Never leave an answer in a test or examination blank. Rather give your best guess as an answer; you never know, it might be correct! Sometimes your gut feel is right, don’t second-guess yourself too much.


  • Getting excellent results really is worth the hard work! With good marks, you can go on to do anything after school. It might seem impossible at times, but you can do it. Hang in there!


Impaq sets learners up for success

We are so proud of Marleen du Toit and wish her all the best for the future!

We know that times are changing rapidly, and, more than ever before, it is essential that learners are prepared for adulthood. At Impaq, we ensure that learners are prepared for life after school by offering a wide variety of subjects that will allow learners to attend any university after obtaining their National Senior Certificate (NSC) in matric. Learners can take all the compulsory subjects as mandated by the South African government, as well as a large selection of elective subjects suited to their personal interests and abilities, from Physical Sciences to Visual Arts and Hospitality Studies.

At Impaq, we also give learners the skills necessary to thrive in any environment through the homeschooling process. Homeschool learners take responsibility for their studies, which instils:

  • self-discipline,
  • self-motivation, and
  • a drive to succeed.


All these qualities set learners up for success in their future, regardless of which path they choose!

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If you are interested in registering for homeschooling in 2022, keep an eye on the Impaq website as registrations for next year open on 1 September 2021.