Creating a judgement-free zone at the Impaq Online School

3 min read   •   May 25, 2023
Zelda von Molendorff

Growing up and discovering yourself as a person is one of the most difficult challenges. You know what success is and how life progresses, but do you know how to get there? At school, you are motivated to give your best and grow according to the values your parents or family teaches you – but it is still your responsibility to make success a reality.

A judgement-free zone

Acceptance is and has always been one of my greatest challenges in terms of my personality. I learned at a young age that you don’t always know the story behind every person who crosses your path. We only see the outward appearance but do not truly know the person’s inner self.

When it comes to being human, I have taught myself first to get to know the person and understand why the person is who they are, and this has made me realise that I want to work with people, particularly teenagers. I want to give them the opportunity to be themselves in a safe and judgement-free environment.

Making a difference

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of others every day, to leave them with a message to think about to better themselves and live for a brighter future. It doesn’t always come easily or naturally. It takes a lot of emotions, self-sacrifice, and positivity and conviction to achieve my goal!

Being a teacher is a gift because it is a passion you live out every day, and no matter what challenges or storms come your way, it encourages you to be a better person and a better teacher. To make a difference, I must also grow and work through my storms so that every learner whose life I touch can see that it is possible.

Joining the Impaq Online School

I joined the Impaq Online School last year as a Life Orientation after being a teacher in a traditional school for seven years. Today, I teach Business Studies. For me, the most enjoyable and exciting aspect of teaching at the Impaq Online School is the individual attention I can give to my students and the fact that I can work from home with learners from all over the country.

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Playing the game

The joy of seeing those beautiful little faces of laughter and the appreciation they show me as their teacher is the highlight of my day!

My motto in life is: “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game”. It reminds me daily that no matter what you go through or what your circumstances are, you should NEVER stand back for any challenge!