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Privacy Statement

Our commitment to privacy.

At Impaq we value and respect your right to privacy and the trust you place in us by giving us your (and/or your child’s) personal information. We strive to adhere to the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act at all times.

The purpose of this statement is to explain who we are, what personal information we collect, how we use and protect such information, with whom we share such information and what your rights are regarding the personal information you have provided to us.

In this Privacy Statement, “personal information” means information or pieces of information that could identify you (and/or your child). This includes information such as your name, contact details, address, photographs, etc.

Should you have any concerns as to the manner in which your personal information is being used, we will assist you in efficiently resolving such concerns.

Who we are

Impaq Education (Pty) Ltd, is part of Optimi and we provide innovative education solutions to learners, parents and educators in Southern Africa.

Impaq’s business address is 116 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Centurion, 0169. Our contact number is 087 405 2233 and you can email us at

FutureLearn is part of the PSG Group and to learn more about FutureLearn please visit

How do we collect your information?

Due to the nature of our business, we collect and use personal information about our learners, their parents/legal guardians, account holders and academic service providers (i.e. tutor centres, academies and schools), henceforth referred to as centres.

In most cases, we explicitly request your consent to use such information. However, in some cases we may infer consent from your actions and/or behaviour. Should a learner be under 18 years old, we will request the consent of the learner’s parent/guardian before using the learner’s personal information.

The personal information that we use at Impaq has been provided to us by the learner or the learner’s parent/legal guardian in one or more of the instances stated below:

  • On registration forms for our products or curriculum;
  • Correspondence via e-mail, fax, telephone and post;
  • When visiting our website;
  • At social events;
  • Via centres;
  • During visits to our offices;
  • Via social media;
  • Through marketing activities.

What personal information do we collect

Impaq endeavours to collect the information that we require to provide our products and services to you.

Our products and curriculum are aimed at learners under the age of 18, therefore, we collect and use the relevant information about learners whose details have been provided to us by the parent/legal guardian.

Under normal circumstances, we do not correspond with persons under the age of 18, except on relevant academic matters. Due to the nature of our business we are not always able to ascertain the age of the person communicating with us. We accept any personal information provided by a learner on the basis that the parent/legal guardian consented to the provision of such personal information. If we discover that we have collected information without consent from a parent/guardian, we will delete said information as soon as possible.

At registration, we collect the following information:

Account holder’s information: title, full names, surname, contact details including physical and postal address, identity number, copy of identity document and bank account details (if paying via debit order).

Parent/legal guardian’s information: title, full names, surname, contact details including e-mail address, physical and postal address, identity number.

Learner’s information: title, full names, surname, contact details including e-mail address, physical and postal address, identity number, copy of identity document or birth certificate (only Grade 12), race (we require the learner’s race for statistical purposes), student number (if you are registered at Impaq), historic report cards and subject choices.

Through correspondence via e-mail, fax, post and telephonically:

We collect personal information through enquiries made to our offices via e-mail, fax, post and telephonically.

When you visit our website:

We use cookies and other tools (such as web analytics tools and pixel tags) to automatically collect information when visiting the Impaq website. The type of information we collect includes information about the type of browser you use, your IP address and the hyperlinks you have clicked on. We gather such information for statistical and research purposes; this information does not identify an individual specifically and is not used to that end.

We use comments and testimonials posted on our website to improve our products and curriculum.

You are requested to continuously update your personal and contact details and the learner’s details to enable us to improve the delivery of our products and services to you.

Links to/from other websites:

Our website may have links to other websites or you may be referred to our website through a link from another website. Impaq has no control over the content or data collection practices of these websites. We encourage you to read their privacy policy terms and conditions before using such websites and disclosing personal information about you or anyone else, as we will not be held liable for personal information collected on these websites.

Certain centres have websites with links to/from the Impaq website. These centres are separate and distinct from Impaq and are responsible for their own content management and collection of personal data.

Clients submit contact information on our website when logging a query or comment.

At social events:

Should we take photographs at social events, these photographs may be uploaded by our marketing team to our website. By your participation in the social event you consent to your photograph being taken and to the fact that these photographs could be uploaded to our website. If you do not wish to have photographs of you or a learner appear on our website, you must inform us in writing, in advance.

Via centres:

We collect personal data from centres (who are duly registered with us) from time to time. This personal data is similar to the data that we collect directly from learners, their parents/legal guardians and/or account holders.

Visits to our offices:

Upon arrival at our offices, you are required to log your name, identity number and vehicle registration number in our visitor book, which is presented to you by security. You will then be issued a visitor’s slip, which must be signed by the person you are visiting and must be returned to security upon departure.

Via social media:

We gather information, such as your name or contact details, when you submit an enquiry on our webpage, Facebook page, other social media pages, or when you submit an inbox message. This information is used to assist you in resolving your query.

Marketing of our services:

We follow up with clients who were previously registered with us to gather information as to why they are no longer registered with us. This information is strictly used for statistical purposes and all clients have the option to opt out or refrain from answering any of our questions.

What do we do with your personal information?

  • Identify the learner to effect the registration process;
  • Open your account with us;
  • Provide you with the Impaq or Impaq-endorsed products and services for which you have registered or that we believe may be helpful;
  • Keep record (for example marks for tests, examinations or assignments);
  • Respond to your queries and complaints; and
  • Send Impaq-related promotional information and announcements.

With whom do we share your personal information

To enable us to deliver our products and curriculum to you, your information is shared with our employees as well as third parties that assist us in delivering our products and services to you.

Third parties that we share information with on a regular basis include:

  • Centres that need to have a record of which learners are registered with Impaq and, as such, are entitled to the Impaq services, as well as which learners are writing examinations in specific locations.
  • Contractors who assist us with marking papers and processing the results.
  • Warehousing, delivery or courier services that enable us to deliver our products and curriculum to you.
  • Service providers who assist us in maintaining our IT infrastructure.
  • Consultants and advisors including, but not limited to, legal advisors, business consultants, financial advisors and auditors specifically appointed by Impaq to render services to the company in respect of its business.
  • Our shareholders including but not limited to the PSG group

Third parties that we share personal information with on an ad hoc basis:

  • In some instances, we may need to share your personal information with a third party to comply with a legal requirement, for example:
  • Law enforcement or government authorities – where there is a legal requirement to disclose the information;
  • Examination board – personal information of learners is shared with the relevant examination board for those learners who enter the Further Education and Train.

Should we share your personal information with a third party, such information is limited to the agreement between us and the third party. We use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your information is kept confidential and secure by such third parties.

We do not sell your personal information. However, should we enter into a sale or business agreement, merger, consolidation, a change in control of our business, reorganisation or liquidation of all or a portion of our business, you will receive notification thereof in the event that the purchaser will not be bound to the same terms and conditions that apply to the personal information between yourself and Impaq.

Sending personal information outside of South Africa:

We do not send your personal information to any country outside of South Africa.

How long do we keep your personal information?

  • All financial information provided will be kept for the duration of your registration with us, and for a period of five years after completion of your curriculum or termination of registration.
  • Assessment pieces will be kept for an additional five years after completion of the course or termination of registration.
  • We keep registration forms for an additional three years after completion of the course for legal and administration purposes.

How do we keep your personal information confidential and secure?

We take all commercially reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information, and we require any third party that handles your personal information on our behalf to do the same. These measures include the following:

  • We conduct regular risk assessments to ensure that we are aware of any physical and/or technological risks. We believe that our technical and organisational measures are appropriate to address these risks.
  • We restrict access to your personal information to employees and third parties.
  • We use encryption when transmitting confidential, personal information.
  • We cannot guarantee the security of information that is sent to us. You are responsible for using secure methods when sending confidential information to us.

Marketing of our products or curriculum:

We may contact you regarding products, curricula or events which may be of interest to you, provided that you have given us consent to do so or you have previously requested a similar product or service from us. You may request us to stop (opt out) sending you such communication at any time. Any direct marketing communication that we send to you will provide you with the information and means necessary to opt out of receiving such information in future. In the event that you wish to revoke all consent pertaining to your personal information and you would like Impaq to remove and/or delete your personal information entirely, you must notify Impaq in writing.

Keeping your data up to date and accurate

It is important that we have up to date and accurate records of your personal information. You may update your information by contacting the relevant department and answering the necessary security questions and/or following the required procedures put in place from time to time to effect the change of your information.

Your rights and who to contact

  • You have the right to:
  • Know what personal information we have about you (or your child);
  • Request that we correct or update your personal information on our records;
  • Report any misuse of your personal information

We can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone our client service team on 087 405 2233 (Monday – Thursday from 07:00 – 17:00 and Friday from 07:00 – 16:00). Alternatively you can email us at with your full name, the full name and student number of the learner, or the full name of the account holder. To guard against fraudulent requests, we may require further information to verify your identity and the authenticity of the request.

Impaq will endeavour to respond to your request or provide the information you have requested, within a reasonable time. We may charge an appropriate fee for the cost of fulfilling your request (e.g. photocopying and postage) to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

Changes to this statement

We may change this Privacy Statement from time to time by posting an updated version thereof on our website.

Please note that this statement is correct as at 14 April 2017.