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Blake Gallacher

Impaq Student

After being bullied, Blake Gallacher started studying through Impaq when he was in Grade 2. His mom, Carol, explains that with dedication, care and love, combined with Impaq’s academic excellence, his road to healing began. Blake is now in Grade 7 and Carol credits Impaq for helping Blake live a balanced life. Blake makes use of a tutor, which means that he can work in a small group environment without pressure and can have sensory breaks when he needs them. He has made friends with other home education learners, has gained confidence and a love for learning. Blake says that Impaq’s lesson materials are easy to understand and that supplementary products such as Cami Education give him a great advantage. He also loves letting his creative juices flow at Impaq’s Eisteddfod.

Sindisiwe Rangaza

Impaq Student

Sindisiwe Rangaza attended a rural pre-school and struggled to adjust in Grade 1. She particularly struggled with learning English and Afrikaans. Her mother, Patricia, bought Impaq’s reading books to help her daughter develop her reading skills. Patricia says that the Impaq books made learning fun and easy. Sindisiwe has since developed a love for reading and writing and is doing well in learning to speak English and Afrikaans. Before buying the Impaq books, Patricia struggled to keep Sindisiwe busy during the school holidays but now she is reading up a storm.

Jessie Evans

Impaq Student

When Jessie Evans started Grade 1, she was unable to grasp certain terms in Mathematics and was bullied because of it. Her mother Penny explains, “She hated the subject to such an extent that she mindfully and intentionally blocked it out”. Jessie was moved to a different class, but the learning barrier was created and remained in place. When Jessie was in Grade 5, she was diagnosed with Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and was given medication. Unfortunately, the medication didn’t work, and Jessie kept having relapses. That was until a doctor pointed out the severe anxiety and stress Jessie’s education and social relationships caused her. “Her extreme fears were a trigger for her seizures,” Penny explains. After being told about homeschooling, Penny registered Jessie with Impaq and enlisted the help of a tutor to educate Jessie. “It has been two months now and the turnaround in my child is significant, I am speechless and left with no way to explain except with the word BRILLIANT.” Jessie now wakes up eager to learn and her marks for tasks have improved from 50% to 85%. “Impaq changed my baby’s life, not only hers but mine as well, as a mother I am at ease and have peace of mind that my child is excelling.”

Dené Janse van Rensburg

Impaq Alumni

When Dené Janse van Rensburg was in matric, her family lived in Ghana and there was no other option but home education. She worked hard and obtained her National Senior Certificate through Impaq that year. Dené got accepted to the University of Pretoria (UP) and started her BA Drama degree in 2013. Her dreams were much bigger than getting a degree, though. She has just passed her master’s degree in Drama and Film Studies from UP with distinction – she achieved the highest mark in the department’s history! She also got accepted to start her PhD studies in Drama and Film Studies in 2020. Dené believes that home education played an important role in her success, as it taught her the importance of self-study and research early on.


Impaq Alumni

I currently do fibre sales and telephone system integrations and programming of telephones for a Vodacom franchise. Impaq has helped a great load, by helping me realise that you determine your own success because if you do not do the work expected of you, you will not get the marks. The programme is extremely well set out and it helped me organise my school components, which has now become a habit, thus helping me be organised at work. Impaq helped me grow as they have a great educational programme, which helped me achieve three distinctions in matric, while working full time. They have great staff that is always willing to help, which benefitted me when I had any doubts about what I should do for a test or assignment. Without Impaq I would not have achieved the great results I have. I am forever grateful for the amazing team of people and the astounding educational programme.


Frelon Academy

Jared Brits joined the Frelon Academy in Boksburg in 2017 for Grade 2. Jared, however, struggled reading simple words, such as “it” and “his”. His tutor, Lisa Black, said that teaching Jared to read felt like a mountain in front of both of them; Jared felt inadequate and Lisa had no idea where to begin. By using Impaq’s products and services, Jared and Lisa went back to basics. Not only did Jared pass Grade 2, but he could read books that were on a level far above his age group. He is now excelling in all his subjects due to the fact that he can read the questions.

Melany Brits

Mother of Lee-Ann Brits

My daughter Lee-Ann is 14 years old and has type 1 diabetes with complications. Lee-Ann used to be in public school, but she was admitted to hospital often, she fell behind on her school work and even missed examinations. I heard about Impaq from a friend and registered my daughter at the start of 2018. Now Lee-Ann has less stress and she can still continue with her school work even if she’s admitted to hospital. The most rewarding part for me is that she excels in her school work and gets excellent marks for tests and assignments.


Mother to Reece Li Sequeira

My son, Reece Li Sequeira, has multiple neurological disorders including Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) (all are medically controlled). At the beginning of his Grade 10 year, Reece decided that he wanted to be a chartered accountant and that meant he had to make specific academic choices for this to happen. He started using Impaq’s products and services, and also had the help of a private tutor, Sue Lee, who tutored him in Accounting. Thanks to Impaq and Sue Lee, Reece graduated in 2017 with two distinctions, one for Accounting (87%) and one for Life Orientation (84%). He is on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a chartered accountant. Reece is currently studying a full-time bachelor’s degree in Accounting Sciences through UNISA, while completing his articles in a full-time job as an accounting trainee.


Mother to Armand Venter

We live on a farm in the De Wildt area in the North West. My son Armand and I started using Impaq’s home-education products and services four years ago. Initially, I thought we would never make it! To teach your child at home from the beginning is not an easy task and some days you need to have a lot of grit. When we started with Grade R, the first year with Impaq was a huge success. As the years progressed, Armand learned a lot. I never thought I could teach a Grade 2 to read and write English, but today Armand can read and write well in English and Afrikaans. Impaq’s lesson materials and facilitator guides make it possible for us as parents to offer our children the best possible education in the comfort of our own homes. You can give all the necessary attention to your child and make sure he understands everything. Armand is currently in Grade 3 and I am very happy with the progress we’re making. I will recommend Impaq to anyone.

Laaiqah Dabhelia

Impaq Student

Hi my name is Laaiqah Dabhelia and I am seven years old. I would like to share with you my Impaq success story. I am in Grade 1 and attend classes at the Brainy Brainz Tutor Centre. At Brainy Brainz, we have small classes and that makes me very happy as my tutor Nadia Laher can pay attention to me. I was a bit scared to go to the tutor centre at first as I was bullied in school, but when Mum heard about Impaq and their home education offering, she was totally impressed! Books and tests were sent on time, there was no stalling and wasting time, and no excuses about delivery as everything is sent directly to the tutor centre. Plus, Mum says the level of education is quite high. Whatever that means! But all I know is I enjoy my studies now more than ever. Thanks to Impaq and my tutor centre Brainy Brainz, I have become a confident person who enjoys studying.